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2nd SAUCE programme at University of Twente

06.04.2010 - 13.04.2010

The Twente 2010 SAUCE programme started a day after Eastern with a lecture of Prof Hans Bressers, scientific director of CSTM, the Dutch partner of the SAUCE consortium. The lecture was attended by some 140 children, for all of them a great experience. It was the start of a full programme week of lectures, workshops and excursions from 6 till 13 April.

The 2010 programme offered quite some new activities. Very successful was the climate breakfast at a local eco-farm where the children learned all about the climate intensity of their breakfast. Also very well received were the guided tours at the waste incineration facility of Twente and the water cleaning facility (with energy production) of the local water board. We also had a new lecture on solar energy and two lectures on climate change and adaptation.

The programme also offered entertainment. Every day a funny professor together with his housekeeper ended the program by pretending and showing that he was the brightest energy professor in the world. The children liked his energy entertainment very much. Successful programme parts of last year, like the lecture and experiments of the professor of mechanical engineering, the workshop energy technology for developing countries and the climate game were offered again very successfully. Thanks to excellent weather conditions all outdoor activities were great fun and a success.

The programme had parallel sessions at three different times a day. About 900 pupils attended the programme, which was a few hundreds more than last year. But again the transportation of the children turned out to be a serious bottleneck for attendance of the program.

The programme had media coverage of Enschede FM (radio) and Radio Oost, Tubantia, a regional newspaper, and a cover story on the website of the university.

The local team did a great job by organising a great and interesting programme and by facilitating children, teachers and parents during the programme week.


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