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2nd SAUCE programme at Roskilde University

15.11.2010 - 19.11.2010

In Roskilde we have had good experience with smaller groups of students and therefore build our program so the teachers choose a day they want to come. On this day, one of the themes offered are also chosen beforehand by the teachers. This way we can divide the group and thus give more possibilities for problem-oriented  group work and discussions.

The plan is that the children arrive at 09.00. They get a common introduction on the climate change problematic and some of the basic elements. After this introduction the kids are divided into two groups depending on the chosen topic. The workshop then takes as its point of departure "learning by doing", which means that the topics are brought on by actively involving the students in discussions and problem-oriented assignments. The day ends with the a joint activity where a performance group involves the children in policy negotiations on climate change mitigation. This is thought to illustrate the climate change debate and thus give a good sum up and end to the day with a lot of activities and new knowledge.

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