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4th SAUCE programme at Freie Universität Berlin

27.09.2010 - 01.10.2010

The fourth Berlin SAUCE programme offered a total of 49 workshops and interactive lectures with places for a total of 2500 pupils of which more than 2000 have been filled.

The days started with an introductory session for all children, which explained the basic principles of the greenhouse effect and the problems arising form greenhouse gas emissions. On the first day, the opening event hosted Berlin City Council for the Environment, Katrin Lompscher. Together with pupils she "kick-started" a special offer open to all children during this week: the pedal powered film show. On electricity producing bicycles the children provided the sound for short films, shown in the university’s entrée.

The programme content, the methods employed, and the campus range explored was further expanded for this programme run. For the first time, the university's Botanical Garden was included and hosted two workshops. The existing cooperation with the circus group Cabuwazi was renewed and their new show revolving around the topic of waste was again supplemented by experimental workshops, e.g. on energy from biowaste. With a new workshop practicing creative writing, another non-scientific but rather artistic field of study was integrated in the programme. It further inceased the diversity of the programme and helped to demonstrate the wealth of methods that can be employed to integrated the topics of climate and energy in teaching.

Two weeks prior to the programme, a teachers’ training was held for 20 participants. Addressed explicitly to teachers of class level 5 and 6, the training presented a lecture on the effects of climate change on urban regions and possible steps for adaptation. Furthermore didactical materials were presented in two different workshops.

Further information and documentation of the programme is found on the Berlin SAUCE webpage


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