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3rd SAUCE programme at Freie Universität Berlin

15.03.2010 - 19.03.2010

The third Berlin SAUCE programme offered a total of 44 workshops and interactive lectures for a total of 2600 pupils.

As in the previous programmes, the sessions take various thematic angles from which knowledge on the issues of energy use and climate change is imparted. Taking up the programme structure tested in Vienna, the days started with an introductory session for all children. It was presented by students from the university’s political science department. Also new to the programme are arts workshops. In one workshop, the children are invited to think about the waste and resource use in our society and every day life and to engage in creating sculptures of plastic wastes. Another new workshop is offered by drama education practitioners who guide the children through a climate change policy game called "Keep Cool", in which they take on different countries roles in international negotiations. On the final day, the film HOME by Yann Arthus-Bertrand was shown. It is followed by a game show, which involves the children directly in various games and a quiz and brings them together with the Berlin City Council for the Environment, Katrin Lompscher, and children who have actively engaged in climate protection projects.

Four weeks prior to the programme, a teachers’ training was held for 40 participants. Addressed explicitly to teachers of class level 5 and 6, the training presented didactical materials proven in practice in five different topical workshops.

Further information and picture documentation of the programme is found on the Berlin SAUCE webpage


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