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1st SAUCE programme at University of Latvia


07.01.2010 - 15.01.2010

The Sauce programme 2009/2010 was run at the University of Latvia in December 2009 (teacher introduction seminar) and January 2010 (school student programme).

The concept of the SAUCE programme at University of Latvia

 On 7, 8, 13, 14, 15 January 2010, the University of Latvia offered a SAUCE programme of interactive presentations, workshops and demonstrations for 311 school students. They had an opportunity to take part at different interactive workshops covering technical, social, environmental and global aspects of energy generation, consumption and saving as well as issues of renewable energy sources and environmentally friendly behaviour and choices. The programme was organized in the form of concurrent group work on the following subjects:

  • the Hydrogen Car Team showed pupils the function, the development and the potential of today’s experimental hydrogen cars,
  • Solar energy group demonstrated the construction and application of solar cells,
  • A simulation-board game simulated effects of climate change on the ecosystems of boreal forests, and
  • the workshop on carbon and ecological footprint, using the IT technologies and data collected in the respective schools, allowed to calculate, analyse and discuss the carbon and ecological footprint for participating schools and individual households.


The core idea of the 2009/2010 programme was to offer:

  • a program with a social and technical component, contributing to the science communication targeted at school students and performed by the university;
  • a program in close cooperation with the research groups at the university;
  • a program that can line up with the existing energy and environment teaching programs for children and young people in the age range of 11-14 years, motivate for the further studies and contribute to the development of behavioural models among the mentioned age group.
  • The thematic focus of University of Latvia programme was based on the “state-of-the-art => traditional behaviours => alternatives/solutions” approach, putting emphasis on CHANGE, both behavioural and technical. 

The first SAUCE programme has been organised by the Department of Environmental management of the University of Latvia - the member of the SAUCE consortium, in close cooperation with experts of the Institute of Solid State, University of Latvia.

The majority of school students participating in the SAUCE program were in the age range of 11-14 years. Children were from regular primary schools in the Riga region as well as two schools for children with vision disorders and some general disorders. The group of 10 year-olds was represented by one class and showed special interest and was highly participative and remarkably open for the knowledge and information provided in the presentations and workshops, typical for this age. The high involvement, interest and openness of students from special schools should be noted as well. There was also one group of school students aged above 15 – their theoretical knowledge background already gained at school was well supplemented by application demonstrations offered by the participation at the programme. However, the program was designed for the average school students of the age between 11 and 14 years (according to the school curricula in Latvia).

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