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1st SAUCE programme at University of Twente

14.04.2009 - 17.04.2009

In their 2009 programme, CSTM, the Centre for Clean Technology and Environmental Policy, and the University of Twente offered interactive lectures and workshops for approximately 900 pupils. In the week between 14/04/2009 and 17/04/09 the pupils had the opportunity to watch documentaries about energy saving and renewable energy sources and to discuss with climate experts the technical, social, environmental and global aspects of energy generation, consumption and saving. Furthermore the programme offered workshops for smaller groups of 50 pupils which gave them the opportunity to experiment with solar, hydro, biomass and wind energy technologies. For instance the Solar Car Team showed pupils the function, the development and the potential of today’s solar cars. Moreover in the Climate Game pupils became European, Asian and American political actors and learnt about the difficulties of the international energy and climate negotiations and policies.

Leading experts from the CSTM and the University of Twente, as well as non-governmental environmental education organisations developed and performed the programme together. Prior to the programme, the attending schools and teachers were informed and prepared through a tailor made programme brochure which they could also use as teaching material. Additionally the programme coordinator offered personal conversations before, during and after the programme. The entire programme was attended by 322 pupils from 9 different schools.

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