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1st SAUCE programme at London Metropolitan University

22.06.2009 - 26.06.2009

What’s shooting through that electricity cable? How do wind and sunlight get into the socket? Who’s killing the climate? Can energy be dangerous? Does the climate need protecting? And, what does a climate researcher actually do?

These and many other questions will be answered by energy and climate experts during the SAUCE programme at London Met. In exciting lectures, experiments and performances, climate researchers and energy education experts will communicate discoveries and talk about unsolved problems of climate and energy supplies. Then they will involve you in activities that show what you can do – yourselves, at your school, at home and in your community – to help solve the climate change problem.

The SAUCE programme shows how the arts and the sciences can contribute to the solution – and be fun at the same time.

The SAUCE programme will provide materials to help in follow-up in school. These will be available on the SAUCE website, and also from the programme organisers.

The SAUCE programme is part of  a European programme of events that will also run in Austria, Denmark, Germany, Latvia and the Netherlands. It will provide opportunities to link with schools in these countries, and in developing countries most affected by climate change.

The UK SAUCE programme is based in the Department of Applied Social Sciences at London Metroplitan University (London Met), and is supported by the Government Office for London (London Sustainable Schools Forum), Islington Council (Islington Environmental Learning Partnership) and the Commonwealth Human Ecology Council.

UK programme details

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