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2nd SAUCE programme at Freie Universität Berlin

28.09.2009 - 02.10.2009

This Berlin SAUCE programme is very similar to the programme offered in March 2009.

It offers 45 workshops, interactive lectures and other activities for a total of approximately 2700 pupils. For the first time, the programme includes guided energy tours over the university campus. Also new to the programme is the artistic team of Circus Cabuwazi, who present their climate show ‘Taborka’ and invite the pupils to become active in artistic and experimental workshops and on stage.

Finally, on the final day of the programme all classes of that day convene to vote on a climate protection petition to the Berlin government. This petition has been drafted by two sixth grade classes in a preceeding workshop. With the support by show guide Daniel Unsöld, the petition is finally presented to the Senator for Health, Environment and Consumer Protection, Katrin Lompscher. As a concluding highlight a video conference line between the Berlin pupils and pupils at the concurrent SAUCE event in Vienna is build up. In a cross border game, a pair of scales symbolically balancing the earth’s climate must be brought to the right tipping point by the inputs from Vienna and Berlin.

The teachers training meeting is held on 14 October 2009 at the Freie Universität Berlin, Seminarzentrum. It primarily addresses teachers of class level 5 and 6, but teachers of higher class levels are also welcome to attend.

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