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1st SAUCE programme at Freie Universität Berlin

02.03.2009 - 06.03.2009

The Berlin SAUCE programme offered 36 workshops and interactive lectures for a total of 2900 pupils. During the programme week, pupils from 111 school classes attended one or sometimes two programme sessions.

The sessions took different approaches to imparting knowledge on the issues of energy use and climate change. For example,

  • taking a scientific angle, the programme offered experimental workshops on solar energy or guided tours through the meteorological institute’s “weather station”.

  • Other sessions dealt with behavioural aspects such as the “climate breakfast”, or

  • they provided the opportunity for a discussion with the Berlin Senator for the Environment on possible steps to be taken to avoid CO2 emissions.

  • A number of workshops took a social science perspective, e.g. sketching a city friendly to children and the global climate or debating about environmental justice issues.

  • The “climate show” which presented a wealth of experiments revolving around the physics of energy and global climate change added entertainment and fun to the programme.

The sessions were led by energy and education experts from a wide range of institutions in Berlin including faculty members of the Freie Universität Berlin.

About two weeks prior to the programme, a teachers’ training was held for 60 participants. Adressed explicitly to teachers of class level 5 and 6, the training presented didactical materials proven in practice in five different topical workshops. Furthermore, inspired by an introductory lecture, participating teachers and educators were given the opportunity for discussion and informal exchange at the three-hour afternoon event.

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