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1st SAUCE programme at Aalborg University

02.06.2009 - 09.06.2009

The Aalborg SAUCE programme called SKUB (Studier i Klima på Universitet for Børn) is being developed by a governing group which is made up of the 4 university employees running the project, 3 teachers from local schools and a teacher working at the local school administration as a consultant of science teaching.

The participation of the teachers has had some important impact on the programme, such as:

  • The recommendation not to try to have preliminary meetings with school teachers as their work schedules probably would prohibit this.
  • Instead to develop catalogue of investigations and experiments which could be used in the classes either before or after the visit to the university, related to the topics of SKUB. This could also be of great help to those teachers who do not have a special training in “science”.

It is probable that a class would not be interested in coming for just one lecture or activity and the programme should therefore contain more than just that.

The program focusses on how the intelligent uses of energy and the use of renewable energy among other effects may prevent harmful climate changes. It is run by faculty members and students of Aalborg University and experts from a local NGO.
The individual activities are planned to take care of one class (~ 25 pupils) as larger groups would not be in accordance with Danish teaching traditions.

The maximum number of pupils in a group and the number of teachers available at the time means that 32 school classes (~800 pupils) shall attend SKUB this year.
The experience of 2009 and the continuous development of the programme make it likely that next year we can accommodate a larger number of pupils.

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