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Success Story No. 7

SAUCE programmes were held at other European universities


Practical dissemination of the SAUCE project initiated the integration of elements of the SAUCE programme in the delivery of science programmes for schools at other universities in the partner countries.

One programme was held in Deventer in the Netherlands in early 2011. It was developed in a cooperation project of the SAUCE team from University of Twente with the teacher’s university in Deventer, and SABUKI, a science café for children. This two-day event attracted 900 children and included a SAUCE lecture on climate protection and renewable energy which was offered nine times during the programme.

In Austria, SAUCE programmes were held in Innsbruck, Salzburg and Krems thanks to the financial and programme support of the Vienna SAUCE team. A two-day SAUCE programme in Innsbruck included more than 350 participants, and the other two, smaller programmes received very positive feedback, for organisation as well as content.


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