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Success Story No. 5

Profiting from European networks: SAUCE initiated the Aalborg Kommune energy efficiency programme for schools


The Aalborg Kommune energy efficiency programme for schools is certainly one of the most far-reaching achievements of the SAUCE project and a good example of effective European networking. To implement the SAUCE project, the Aalborg University SAUCE team (AAU) created a local network group consisting of educational consultants, representatives from the municipal school administration, and science teachers, who all were highly interested in expanding their cooperation with the university.

AAU initiated a cooperation project to support teaching and implement energy efficient behaviour at the local schools. In this project, AAU worked with the commune’s health and sustainability administration, the school administration, two electricity companies and three schools. Throughout 2009, this group developed and tested science teaching methods and ways of organising and motivating energy conservation in schools and everyday life. Convinced by the project’s results, the local administration decided to introduce incentives allowing schools to profit from savings achieved, if saving targets were met. Since the programme’s official start in the 2011 school year, all schools have been obliged to reduce energy consumption by 2% annually.

AAU also developed an energy saving handbook for schools, a compilation of good practices and activities, collected from different schools in Denmark and Germany. Aalborg Kommune has used the handbook to train housekeepers at all 50 schools in Aalborg and recommends that heads of schools refer to it for routine organisation of everyday tasks at their schools. Meanwhile, the neighbouring municipality of Rebild has adopted the handbook (available at

The local network not only profited from AAU’s engagement, but also from the network of IEE projects which provided access to the European Euronet 50/50 project: at the beginning of the energy saving project, AAU researchers were able to have a face-to-face exchange with Euronet 50/50 partners, who disseminate models for energy conservation activities at schools. This contact was made possible through the Euronet 50/50 partner and SAUCE subcontractor, UfU e.V. from Berlin.


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