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Success Story No. 4

The SAUCE programmes have initiated energy saving activities at schools


One important focus of SAUCE is energy efficiency, including behaviour change and low carbon technologies that offer everyone everyday opportunities to save energy. Sometimes this inspired immediate action by the participating schoolchildren and their teachers to save energy. For example:

  • After attending the SAUCE programme in 2011 at University of Twente, the Dutch primary school from Enschede, IBS Eschmarke decided to seek professional support to reduce the school’s energy consumption. A company specialising in energy efficient solutions was commissioned to refurbish the school’s heating and ventilaton system. The refurbishment went hand in hand with further teaching of sustainability topics at the school.
  • At the Berlin elementary school Schule am Friedrichshain, after they visited at the SAUCE programme in 2010, the schoolchildren together with their natural science teacher developed an energy saving project: they measured room temperatures at the school throughout the heating period. The results were communicated to the school’s janitor/caretaker who was then able to readjust the heating system and to set it to a lower temperature.
  • At another Berlin school, Waldschule Gerdes, the 25 children and their teacher, who had participated in the SAUCE programme’s workshop on recycled paper, persuaded their whole school to join the German-wide “Initiative 2000plus” and commit to switching all paper used at the school to 100% recycled paper. The SAUCE workshop had motivated the children and pointed out to them what they could immediately do at their school, including how they could find reliable recycling paper suppliers
  • The evaluation reports by children attending the London programme showed that pupils had initiated energy-saving activities both at home and at school on their return.


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