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Success Story No. 2

SAUCE developed tailor-made, transferable activities which have been adopted by other education programmes


The SAUCE project promoted development of new workshops specially designed for the programmes, in particular by the universities’ researchers but also by many of the external partners, who tailored some existing activities to the demands of SAUCE, or developed new ones in partnership with the host universities. For many of these workshops, an integrated art and science approach was used. Altogether, more than half of the workshops were developed specifically for SAUCE. Several of these have been adapted to other educational contexts and programmes, by formal and non-formal educators and by schools, locally and internationally.

For example:

  • Taking up an idea of the SAUCE team, the Meteorological Institute at the Freie Universität Berlin developed an activity which combines the standard tour of the institute’s weather station with a workshop analysing climate change phenomena and reflecting with the children on activities to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. This activity has since been integrated in the portfolio of the University’s Earth Lab and has been offered at the FU Kinderuni (the children’s university programme the university offers independently of the SAUCE project) and on public science days.
  • The activity using creative writing techniques to help think and learn about climate change and protection of natural resources, developed for the Berlin SAUCE programme, was adopted by the Berlin programme for the implementation of education for sustainable development in its teacher training sessions and has since spread to several schools in Berlin.
  • In Twente, an energy game for children was developed in a cooperation of the University of Twente with Hengelo Museum. It has become part of the Museum’s pedagogic programme.
  • The Berlin Hermann-Nohl-School, a bi-lingual primary school (German-Italian), linked its regular attendance at the SAUCE programmes with activities carried out as part of an international exchange under the European Comenius programme. Through this exchange both the topics and the interdisciplinary teaching approach of the SAUCE workshops were introduced into partner schools in Italy, France and Ireland.
  • Another example is reported from London. The wind turbine and hydrogen cell car workshops developed by Arcola Energy in collaboration with the London SAUCE programme will be presented in Abu Dhabi in November 2011 as part of a Science Fair, with ten 45-minute sessions per day delivered for local pupils, a further international 'result' for SAUCE.


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