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Success Story No. 1

SAUCE universities as out-of-school learning places and hubs for a vibrant local network for teaching energy and climate issues


After three years and three, sometimes five, programme runs, SAUCE has become known in the local educational networks in the SAUCE partner countries as the “Kinderuniversiteit over klimaatverandering en duurzame energie” (Twente), as “SKUB” (Aalborg), or as “Schüleruni [email protected] Klima + Energie” (Berlin and Vienna). In Latvia, some schools which had participated at SAUCE programme in both 2010 and 2011 came to regard themselves as ‘permanent’ partners and expressed the wish to continue co-operation on a regular annual basis, suggested keeping the format of the ‘university for children’ and including further environment and sustainability topics.

The SAUCE programmes have been established as well-balanced and high quality out-of-school learning opportunities. For many teachers the visit to SAUCE has become a regular out-of-school activity. Between 20 and 50% of the teachers visited more than one SAUCE programme with their classes. Altogether, three consecutive cohorts of 10 to 13-year-olds have visited the SAUCE programmes, and the teachers of the next generation are just waiting to enrol their classes in upcoming programmes.

Participants and programme presenters alike valued the wide spectrum of presentations in SAUCE, which were the product of opening up the programmes to the university academics as well as to non-formal educators and non-academic stakeholders from the local communities. These educators and partners brought in different perspectives and disciplines, including the arts and humanities, increasing the diversity and quality of approaches and methods used in the programmes. This had the further benefit of linking teachers and schools with non-formal educators as well as with the university, and helped in the effective evolution and expansion of the energy education network.


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