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Success Stories

The SAUCE project has achieved a number of results which demonstrate the positive effects of activities like those under SAUCE. These have positively affected pupils, universities, communities and energy education. The most important ones are described in the seven success stories presented here.

Success Story No. 1 SAUCE universities as out-of-school learning places and hubs for a vibrant local network for teaching energy and climate issues
Success Story No. 2 SAUCE developed tailor-made, transferable activities which have been adopted by other education programmes
Success Story No. 3 SAUCE programmes will prove ‘sustainable’ and continue to be run at SAUCE partner universities in 2012 and beyond
Success Story No. 4 The SAUCE programmes have initiated energy saving activities at schools
Success Story No. 5 Profiting from European networks: SAUCE initiated the Aalborg Kommune energy efficiency programme for schools
Success Story No. 6 SAUCE awarded official recognition as “Project of the UN Decade of Education for Sustainable Development 2005-2014”
Success Story No. 7 SAUCE programmes were held at other European universities



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