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Teachers Training

Another integral part of SAUCE is the project’s outreach to teachers. One important function of the SAUCE programmes for pupils is to serve as a vehicle for reaching teachers and supporting them in their own efforts to take up the vital topics of energy sources and energy behaviour in their teaching.

For this purpose, the project partners organise teachers information and training tools which supplement each SAUCE programme. They serve

  • to present and discuss current research on energy education and provide background information to teachers on the topics of energy and climate change;
  • to inform about and present teaching materials and energy education projects for schools. In order to help teachers to relieve their workload, materials are presented in a hands on way. An important criterion for material selection is their proven applicability in an everyday teaching environment;
  • to facilitate networking by encouraging personal contacts and cooperation of schools and teachers with local energy education experts, with researchers and the university, as well as with other schools and teachers.

Again, each partner university has chosen different approaches to the teachers training task. Thereby, they are taking account of the respective country’s educational system, prefered communication patterns and the established structures of the teachers’ training system.

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