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SAUCE Programmes

In the course of the project, all seven partner universities offer between three and five [email protected] climate & energy programmes for pupils 10-13 years old.

While the programme content is developed in line with the common thematical and didactical idea of SAUCE , each partner’s university programme differs from the other with respect to some basic characteristics which are shaped to match the local circumstances. For example, they differ with respect to the scope and scale of the event, the composition of classes offered to individual pupils or the sessions’ formats. Important factors shaping programme design are, i.a., the country’s education system; the presence of local energy education experts and the university’s links to them; the university’s institutional links to teachers and the network of teachers training institutions; or simply the size of the university town or of the partner country. Thus, the SAUCE programme structure as such is open for many variations, which will be explored and improved in the course of the project.

A brief overview of different programme designs is given in the SAUCE programme descriptions  >>

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