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Schools at University for Climate and Energy

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Schools @ University

University programme for school classes

The European project “Schools at University for Climate & Energy (SAUCE)” offers a series of one-week on-campus education programmes for pupils ages 10-13 on the topics of energy efficient behaviour, renewable energies and climate change. The SAUCE programmes are held at all partner universities from 2009 until 2011.

What we offer

The programmes discuss the scientific, technical and global aspects of sustainable energy use and global climate change in a way appropriate to the children’s age. This implies to focus on the behavioural aspects by bringing energy use into direct relation to the pupils’ everyday lives and lifestyles. The effects, for example, of food production, different means of transport, or of leisure time activities are presented by professors and academics from different university faculties and research institutes as well as local energy education experts.

Furthermore, preparatory information meetings or packages for teachers are offered with each SAUCE programme. Successful and effective teaching materials and information sources are presented and made available to improve teaching and curriculum to promote energy efficient behaviour.

The underlying idea

The main idea is to enable the pupils to learn about the challenges of global climate change and sustainable energy use and, at the same time, acquire the competences necessary to develop and subsequently apply adequate solutions. The specific topics are imparted to the pupils using interactive, participatory and project-based learning methods which make complex issues tangible. These include quizzes, participatory experiments, and film presentations with discussion rounds, art/theater presentation projects and field trips.

Who is involved

SAUCE provides the opportunity for personal and continuous contacts to the teachers. It builds and supports the local network between energy experts, research centres, organisations from the public and private sectors and further opens it to schools and individual teachers.

Financial support: 

European Commission – EACI


01.09.2008 — 31.08.2011


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