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In the course of the project, the international SAUCE project partners have compiled a number of publications and reports which summarise results and draw conclusions from the SAUCE programme experience. They are intended to support all those universities who are interested in organising SAUCE programmes for schoolchildren at their own university and thereby join those working to spread and support education on energy, climate change and sustainability issues.

  • The SAUCE handbook summarises the most important results and gives interested universities tips and hints about putting on SAUCE programmes at their own universities.

SAUCE handbook

The SAUCE Handbook (English)

SAUCE håndbogen (Danish)

Das SAUCE Handbuch (German)

Il manuale SAUCE (Italian)

Kompendium SAUCE (Polish)

You may order your print edition at:
[email protected]


The SAUCE Resources Guide (English)

SAUCE praksisbrochure (Danish)

Die SAUCE Praxis-Broschüre  (German)

L'opusculo practico di SAUCE (Italian)

Broszura SAUCE poświęcona praktyce (Polish)

You may order your print edition at:

  • An overview of educational structures and approaches to energy education in the different SAUCE partner countries is given in this Review.
  • A more detailed overview of the programme characteristics and programme structure developed by the SAUCE partners over the first programme year is given in the first Report on Programme Development. Further experience and conclusions from the second year of programme development are summarised in the 2010 Report on Programme Development. Some of the pedagogical ideas underlying programme design are summarised in the Recommendations on adapting playful and interactive approaches to the SAUCE programme format, a paper presented by the energy education expert IG Windkraft in Austria.
  • With the aim to improve the programme, the first and second years programme experience have been closely monitored. Results are summarised in the Cross-country Evaluation Reports 2009 and 2010. The final report will be compiled in 2011.
  • To support the teachers and inform about the SAUCE programme, meetings with teachers are organised by the project partners. This Report on Teachers Meetings summarises the different approaches and results of the first and second programme year. The UfU - Independent Institute for Environmental Concerns in Berlin, Germany supported the SAUCE partners and made Recommendations for universities on structuring SAUCE preparatory meetings for teachers.


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